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English: A typical mailroom and kitchenette

English: A typical mailroom and kitchenette (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

William Walton, a friend for more than thirty years, is my writing partner. We share critiques that enhance both of our writings. His clear vision and perceptive insights on character development and plot dynamics in The Call hold my feet to the fire until I write better and with greater integrity. I am profoundly grateful that he shares his brilliance with me.  The characters driving his writing are always engrossing, their dialogue tightly and sparely written, yet full of nuance and subtle complexity.

In 2010, William published a story in the Honest Lie Vol. 2: Delusions of Insignificance, an Anthology. The story in that volume tells of the downward spiral of a tortured soul who, despite feeling safe only behind his clown’s mask, still has a spark of yearning for connection with others. It is the faintest of sparks, though, and at his core he only wants to be Ozzie the Clown. Nothing more.

Now an Update  Two wonderful announcements:  William’s story, Mike in the Mailroom has been selected for Volume III of An Honest Lie: A Justifiable Hypocrisy  and  even better William and Ozzie the Clown won the Open Heart Publishing contest for best story. That means William has been offered a contract with the company to publish a book of his short stories.    The announcement of this is at

William’s story for this year’s anthology, Mike in the Mailroom, is about a mild mannered mailroom clerk whose hidden fantasies exact a price that he didn’t expect. Like all the stories William writes, “Mike” allows the reader to experience what the character is feeling or trying to feel.  Most of the stories in his soon to be published collection, Madmen and Fellow Travelers, speak to the isolation we experience as individuals, how hard it is to bridge the differences that separate us, and the lengths to which we will go or wish we had gone to cross them.  Some characters fail at building that bridge, some succeed if only briefly, and others, the happy few, build bridges that last a lifetime. At their best and worst, those successes and failures shape their lives.

Author William Walton

Click here for a great interview with William where you can meet the man behind Ozzie the Clown and now Mike in the Mailroom.

Or go to    to read an interview with the three returning authors in this years An Honest Lie volume.

Well done my friend!

2 Responses to My Writing Partner

  1. Today, January 2, is my birthday and reading this is a wonderful present. Some gifts just keep on giving! Thank you.


    • joanneeddy says:

      Happy Birthday, my friend! I’m so glad you are my writing partner. I think you may need to push me so I keep my resolution! Anyway welcome to my blog…Here’s my push for you: I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing on your blog as well…


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